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Story Publication logo November 4, 2021

An Ancestral Technology To Face the Climate Crisis in Cusco


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Rural communities are affected by COVID-19 and the climate crisis. As a sustainable response, a...

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For the full article in Spanish, published on OjoPúblico, please click here.

Concerned about the climate crisis and possible food shortages, Peruvian researcher Mario Quispe Hermoza built a stone and mud qolca using Pre-Columbian techniques. Although the project was born more than five years ago, in November of last year it took shape in the field. In the midst of the pandemic and with the help of his brother, he built a food storage in the heights of Cusco, which represents a bet for a tomorrow without hunger. Quispe hopes that his project will be replicated in other parts of Peru.

Mario Quispe Hermoza's family and friends helped in the construction of the stone warehouse. Image by Sharon Castellanos. Peru.

“In my dream, I saw a very old house on the hillside, right where the qolca is now. For me, it was a projection of something that was going to be executed. When I started the construction I understood it. I remembered the dream and knew the exact place where the qolca was to be built. Then everything fit together like a puzzle," says Mario Quispe Hermoza, in his house located in the community of Kircas Chico, district of San Sebastián, in Cusco.

To build the qolca, Mario Quispe Hermoza was inspired by the Inca technology used to build food warehouses. Image by Sharon Castellanos. Peru.

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