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Project February 21, 2020

United States and Iran: Back from the Brink of War


In a series of articles for digital media and magazines, Reese Erlich continues his Pulitzer Center project that began in 2015.

The U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear accord and killing of Qasem Soleimani have significantly heightened tensions with Iran. Hardline politicians, who oppose any reconciliation with the U.S., are expected to win significant numbers of seats in the February 21st parliamentary elections.

The Trump administration's "maximum pressure" campaign on Iran has so far not changed government policy. Many ordinary Iranians blame the U.S. for the devaluation of Iranian currency, increased unemployment, and the difficulty in buying medicine made abroad. At the same time, Iranians have held large demonstrations protesting widespread government corruption and mismanagement. The Iranian government responded with harsh repression.

Erlich will explore the tumultuous politics of Iran and the increasing tensions between the leaders of Iran and the United States.


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War and Conflict

War and Conflict