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Project June 29, 2023

From AI to Book Bans: What is the Role for Regulation and Its Impact?


The United States Senate began holding hearings about artificial intelligence (AI) regulation strategies in May 2023. At the same time, the European Union found itself in its third year of drafting legislation for the rapidly emerging technology. Now, the United States faces a challenge it has repeatedly encountered before: how to regulate a new technology and not fall behind.

Part One of this project explores emerging efforts to regulate AI, the global leaders of the regulation, and the United States’ first steps in tackling the issue. 

As the United States grapples with AI regulation, it also faces ever-growing efforts of book censorship. Currently, districts within 32 states have implemented bans in school and public libraries on books written by or portraying people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals. Although proponents of book bans say they seek to protect children, observed book-banning trends suggest political efforts and influence.

Part Two of this project explores book bans in the United States and compares one of the nation’s most restrictive states to a state with very little book censorship.