AI Accountability

Artificial intelligence systems are used worldwide to inform decisions in policing, medicine, social welfare, the criminal justice system, hiring, warfare, and more. At the same time, the launch of AI chatbots has transformed the public perception of AI— and underscored the onus on journalists to interrogate a technology that, when unchecked, can harm some of the most vulnerable members of society.

Pulitzer Center-supported AI accountability reporting explores with nuance how AI systems are designed, sold and deployed in communities around the world.

We accept grant proposals on a rolling basis. Our AI reporting grants support in-depth projects that document the opportunities, harms, labor and regulatory issues surrounding AI systems. Our machine learning reporting grants support projects that harness machine learning to augment reporters’ capacity to tackle big data and systemic issues. 

For long-term projects, we also accept yearly applications to the AI Accountability Fellowships from anywhere around the world. Selected Fellows receive financial support, mentorship, and training.