Matthieu Aikins


Matthieu Aikins lives in Kabul and has been reporting from Afghanistan since 2008. His feature writing and photography have appeared in such US, Canadian, British, and French publications as Harper's Magazine, the Atlantic, GQ, Newsweek, Wired, the Walrus, the Guardian, the Globe & Mail, the National Post, Courrier International, and the Caravan.
He is a frequent guest commentator and analyst on national radio and television programs, including MSNBC, the BBC, the CBC, and National Public Radio.
Last year, Matthieu was a finalist for the National Magazine Award in the Reporting category for his 2011 article in the Atlantic, which exposed a massacre in Afghanistan. In 2010, he won a National Magazine Award in Canada for 'Best New Creative Talent' for his article 'Last Stand in Kandahar', which appeared on the cover of the November issue of the Walrus. In 2008 and 2009 he also received prizes from the Canadian Association of Journalists and the Atlantic Journalism Awards.
Matthieu recently finished a two-year fellowship at New York University where he completed a master's degree in Near Eastern Studies. His academic interests include the geopolitics of South and Central Asia, and the future of journalism and new media. On the latter subject, he worked with Jay Rosen and the innovative Studio 20 program at NYU. He currently splits his time between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

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