Mahardika Satria Hadi


Mahardika Satria Hadi is an investigative journalist for TEMPO magazine in Jakarta, Indonesia. He graduated from the Faculty of Biology at Gadjah Mada University. He once worked as a textbook editor at a publishing company in Yogyakarta.

Mahardika has been a journalist at TEMPO since 2010. While in charge of the international compartment, Mahardika covered the battle between the Philippine army and pro-ISIS militant groups in Marawi City, Mindanao, in May 2017.

He has also covered environmental issues, including the main investigative reports "Watering Heights" in 2013 and "Fish Waste Polluting Lake Toba" in 2019.

Mahardika also wrote about forest conservation, deforestation, climate change, endangered species, and community empowerment for the environment.

Apart from journalism, Mahardika has been involved in several book-writing projects. 

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