John Schmid


Since 2003, John Schmid has covered economic change and globalization for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. In 2003, Schmid traveled to China for "Made in China," a series that won the 2004 APME International Perspective Award; the National Headliner Award for best series; and the Award for Excellence in Economic Reporting from the Fund for American Studies. In 2004, Schmid reported a three-part series, "Dream Derailed," which dissected how global economic forces created an unparalleled depression in the inner city of Milwaukee. That project won a Best in Business for Special Projects award from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers. More recently he has covered the global economics of water and investigated flaws in the U.S. patent system.
Previously, Schmid was based in Germany, where he moved after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Initially, he worked at the Associated Press-Dow Jones News Service, covering post-unification changes in Germany and Europe. In 1996, he joined The International Herald Tribune as the Germany correspondent and chronicled how Europe became a focal point of globalization as the continent yoked itself together under a common currency. He began his career at the City News Bureau of Chicago. His two children were born in Germany.