Farzana Shah


Farzana Shah is a graduate nursing student at the University of Pennsylvania. She received her BSN from Drexel University and began her career of nursing children in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Following her passion of service to those in need, she started volunteering with non-governmental organizations as an ICU nurse in Peru, El Salvador and Palestine.
After four years of volunteering, she began collaborating closely with Dr. William Novick and his team and joined as an ICU clinical nurse educator in Najaf, Iraq, and later in Guayaquil, Ecuador. In this role, she led volunteer teams during two-week mission trips in caring for children with cardiac disease as well as assisting in implementing an educational program in the host hospital to help build a sustainable cardiac program. She was recently nominated as a finalist in Nurse.com GEM AWARDS for volunteerism and service.
Her next steps will be joining William Novick and team in the inaugural trip to Tehran, Iran, as an ICU nurse educator. While not on duty in the hospital, her time will be spent reporting this experience in Iran on a grant from the Pulitzer Center's International Student Fellowship program. She currently resides in Philadelphia with her family.

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