Andy Laub


Andy Laub, founder and director of Andy Laub Films, has hiked more than 7,000 miles in search of compelling stories. From nature films to cultural documentaries, he's worked as a writer, cinematographer, editor, visual effects artist, expedition coordinator, and soundtrack composer for networks including the Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, and BBC World News, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. He co-produced and directed "Sacred Cod," "Lobster War," and "Gladesmen" with David Abel. Laub's other films have explored the urban boom in Mongolia, the application of ancient building traditions by Hopi Indians, wildlife in the Pyrenees, and a trek he made across the Pacific Northwest Trail. His film, "As It Happens: Pacific Crest Trail," has been viewed by more than a half million people worldwide. Laub is the film's producer, editor, soundscape designer, and soundtrack composer.

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