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Pulitzer Center Update April 30, 2021

‘Entangled’ Wins Award at International Ocean Film Festival

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Promotional still from 'Entangled' with a whale swimming just under the surface of the ocean. The film's title and award logos are over the photo.



As climate change edges the endangered North Atlantic right whale closer to extinction, saving the...

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Pulitzer Center-supported documentary Entangled won the Conservation Award at the 2021 International Ocean Film Festival (IOFF).

Entangled, created by grantees David Abel and Andy Laub, is part of a Pulitzer Center-supported reporting project in the Connected Coastlines initiative. The film follows efforts to save North Atlantic right whales from extinction.

Fewer than 400 remain, making the whales among the planet's most endangered species. Scientists say the main threat to their survival lurks under the water: hundreds of thousands of lobster lines, standard gear for North America's most valuable fishery. Entangled documents the complicated process of balancing measures that will protect the whales with the interests of local lobstermen.

Entangled is available for rent on Vimeo. View a full list of 2021 IOFF winners here.


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Connected Coastlines

Connected Coastlines


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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change