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The Pulitzer Center at COP28

Event Date:

December 8 - 11, 2023


Expo City Dubai
Expo City Dubai Expo Road
Dubai South Jebel Ali, Dubai UAE



The Pulitzer Center will be a major presence at COP28, showcasing our new framework of journalism and engagement in six distinct side events, encompassing five themed pavilions. Beyond conventional reporting, the transformative new model seeks to engage, inform, and promote agency on critical issues. The events hosted by the Pulitzer Center will inject a fresh perspective into high-level discussions about the future of climate change, concentrating on the interconnected challenges facing oceans, rainforests, and the intricate relationship between climate and labor.

The Pulitzer Center's participation at COP28 will include panel discussions, film screenings, and workshops that highlight the often underreported stories of rainforests, oceans, and the intersection of climate and labor. Through this, the Center aims to bridge the gap between journalism and audience engagement on these issues. This involvement in one of the most important conferences shaping the future of climate change and our planet emphasizes the vital role of journalism and engagement in making complex issues relevant and fostering a sense of urgency for collective action.

The Pulitzer Center’s COP28 Side Events


Stories Spark Change: Making Climate Relatable and Actionable Through Journalism 

December 8th (3:30pm - 4:20pm)
Children and Youth Pavillion
Speakers: Flora Pereira, Muriel Alarcon, Christian Elliott

The Pulitzer Center will bring a dynamic team of young journalists and staff to work with attendees on how journalism can be a powerful vehicle for change and youth awareness on climate. Journalists will share their experiences reporting on climate through the Pulitzer Center’s Reporting Fellowship program. Our staff will share powerful examples of youth movements and initiatives in rainforest regions that harness the power of climate storytelling in educational and civil society sectors.


Guardians of the Earth: Central Africa's Conservation Stories 

December 9th  (12:00pm - 1:00pm)
Central Africa Forests Commission (COMIFAC) Initiatives Pavilion
Speakers: Afy Malungu, Flora Pereira, Bao Uyen Vo Kieu

This film screening and discussion at COP 28 will focus on results in raising awareness and fostering actionable outcomes regarding the pressing issues of deforestation, protected areas, and biodiversity conservation, particularly in Central Africa. Attendees, including policymakers and government representatives, international organizations, journalists, activists, and concerned citizens, are expected to leave the session with a deeper understanding of the challenges and successes of climate action in Central Africa. 


Forests in Dialogue: Journalism and Participation for the Amazon, the Congo Basin, and the Mekong Region

December 10th (11:00am - 12:00pm)
Colombia Pavillion
Speakers: Flora Pereira, Bao Uyen Vo Kieu, Afy Malungu, Jonatan Rodríguez

This panel will delve into the role of communication and journalism in researching urgent issues, actively seeking solutions, and engaging new audiences in the reality of the world’s forests. The objective is for journalism and communication to transform into climate actions, allowing civil society and the media to articulate themselves as crucial voices for climate action in Colombia and worldwide. Participants will come together to combine their expertise and efforts in the world's most important forests: the Congo Basin, the Mekong region and the Amazon.


Reel of Climate and Labor: A Documentary Night 

December 10th (5:30 - 6:20pm)
International Labour Organization (ILO) - Just Transition Pavillion
Speakers: Jonatan Rodríguez, Aryn Baker

This session features impactful climate and labor visual reporting stories, showcasing Pulitzer Center-supported stories that explore the intersection of climate change and labor rights. The power of storytelling takes center stage, with a focus on breaking down the complexities of the intersection between climate and labor and making them relevant and urgent for inspiring action.


Creative Writing Workshop: Climate and Labour Nexus: From Journalism to Engaging Narratives

December 11th (11:00am - 12:20pm)
International Labour Organization (ILO) - Just Transition Pavillion
Speakers: Flora Pereira, Jazmin Acuña, Muriel Alarcon

Dive into the profound effects of climate change on labor issues worldwide in this panel and workshop session. The discussion will highlight key intersections often underreported in the media landscape, including the imperative of a just transition to clean energy. The expert panel will emphasize the vital role of audience-centered journalism and engagement in effective climate and labor communication. Following the panel, a creative workshop will invite participants to craft innovative communication solutions that bridge the gap between journalism and audience-centered engagement for climate and labor stories.


The Ocean and Climate: What Makes Good Storytelling? 

December 11th (11:00am - 12:00pm)
Ocean Pavillion
Speakers: Jessica Aldred, Aryn Baker, Eman Mounir

Ocean protection is fundamental to achieving UN climate goals. How can the media, scientists, policymakers, and NGOs collaborate to build an understanding of this connection and the processes that threaten dependent ecosystems, species, and communities? This event will bring together experts to explore the ingredients of a valuable ocean-climate story, how to ensure it will have an impact, the power of reporting networks, and the value of understanding and engaging with your audience.

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