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Pulitzer Center at the COLPIN


Event Date:

December 6 - 9, 2023


Centro Cultural de España en México

Ciudad de México, CDMX

Dense vegetation in the Amazon rainforest in Peru. The ground is covered in leaves.

The Latin American Center for Investigative Journalism (CLIP) and six Latin American media outlets...



The Pulitzer Center will participate in COLPIN 2023—the Conferencia Latinoamericana de Periodismo de Investigación (Latin American Conference of Investigative Journalism). The conference in Mexico City will host grantees from the Rainforest Journalism Fund (RJF) and Fellows from the Rainforest Investigations Network (RIN). There will be no live streaming. (All times below are local times.)

Thursday, December 7, 2023

RJF grantee Daniel Wizenberg will moderate a panel about environmental investigations. The panel, at 11:00am CST, is titled "El detrás de escena de investigaciones medioambientales: claves para conformar equipos transcontinental" ("Behind the Scenes of Environmental Investigations: Keys to Building Transcontinental Teams").

Friday, December 8, 2023

Wizenberg and his colleague Alejandro Saldívar, who is also an RJF grantee, will present at 11:00am CST their project The Mercury Route: "El impacto de la ruta del Mercurio'' ("The Impact of the Mercury Route").

At 3:00pm CST, RIN Fellow Karla Mendes will present her investigation about palm oil plantations in Brazil: "Exportadora de óleo de palma acusada de fraude, grilagem de terras em cemitérios quilombolas" ("Palm Oil Exporter Accused of Fraud, Land Grabbing in Quilombola Cemeteries").

At 4:30pm CST, Gustavo Faleiros, director of environmental investigations for the Pulitzer Center, and RIN Fellows Hyury Potter, Joseph Poliszuk, and María de los Angeles Ramírez will participate on a panel on how to investigate organized crime in the Amazon. The session is titiled "Amazonía y crimen organizado: cómo investigar qué cuidados tomar" ("Amazon and Organized Crime: How To Investigate What Precautions To Take").

Saturday, December 9, 2023

At 11:00am CST, RIN Fellows Andrés Bermúdez and Poliszuk will present their investigations on a panel titled "Recursos Naturales" ("Natural Resources"). Bermúdez will speak about carbon credits in Indigenous territories, and Poliszuk will discuss illegal gold trafficking in Venezuela.


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