Resource December 6, 2017

Meet the Journalist: Janelle Richards


Two students at the Moringa School based in Nairobi work on developing their coding skills. Image by Janelle Richards. Kenya, 2017.

Kenya is on a fast-track to becoming a leader of the technology industry in Africa over the next...


Janelle Richards, a producer at NBC News, traveled to Kenya to report on the technology industry. She visited one school that is working to develop the next generation of software developers in Kenya and also interviewed the founder of a non-profit that is teaching girls in Nairobi how to code and build their own websites. Richards made one final stop at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organization that is working to stop poaching in Kenya and save the lives of elephants.


Three women grouped together: an elderly woman smiling, a transwoman with her arms folded, and a woman holding her headscarf with a baby strapped to her back.


Gender Equality

Gender Equality