Resource January 22, 2016

Meet the Journalist: Esha Chhabra


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A weak public health system has given rise to market-based approaches in India. A new breed of young...


Esha Chhabra traveled to India to capture stories of entrepreneurs who seek solutions to India's healthcare problems. Although she set out to focus on hospitals, clinics, and medical technologies, she was taken aback by the news of the day: Delhi's serious pollution.

The World Health Organization had recently tagged the city as the most polluted on the planet. While pollution is often equated with environmental issues, it's a massive threat to health as well with Delhiites struggling to breathe. Chhabra expanded the scope of her project, entitled "India's Entrepreneurial Answer to Healthcare," to include stories of innovators who sought solutions to the pollution problem in Delhi and more broadly, throughout India. She discovered innovators across the spectrum: from business-savvy trash collection units to a consultancy business relying on the power of plants and even India's newest electric scooter. Couple that with the innovations taking place in hospitals to improve the quality of care.


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Health Inequities

Health Inequities