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Resource August 7, 2013

Journalist Esha Chhabra on India's Fight Against Polio


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During two days in February, 170 million children will be vaccinated for polio in India. And in the...

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Public health workers hope to have greater access to the injectable polio vaccine (IPV) in time. It's considered a safer way to inoculate children against the disease because it does not carry the live virus. Image by Esha Chhabra. India, 2013.

Esha Chhabra travels to India to look at the strides made against polio and new innovations in mHealth for her project "India: Polio-Free and Looking Ahead at mHealth."

She looks at what is ahead for the polio campaign, how the same infrastructure can be used for different health campaigns, and what is being done to treat those who are already afflicted by the disease. mHealth, on the other hand, is in its infancy. She looks at early-stage mHealth initiatives, their struggle to achieve scale, and the few success stories.


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