Escaping from Burma but Falling into Slavery

Up to 3 million Burmese migrants have flooded into Thailand where employers are taking advantage, mistreating them and often paying little more than slave wages.

Burmese Migrants: Fishing for a New Life in Thailand

Desperate to escape political and economic suffering, many Burmese migrate to Thailand only to discover things can get worse. Millions become victims of exploitation and human trafficking.

A Morning Commute: Floating into Thailand

Thousands of Burmese cross the border into Thailand each year to escape corruption in their home country. They work 12-hour days and make just two dollars a day, but to them, it's worth it.

Burmese Migrants at Sea in Thailand

Labor recruiters or "brokers" help Burmese migrants cross the border into Thailand. Once here, migrants work long hours under harsh conditions to repay the brokers.

Thai Election Primer: Red Shirts Vs. Yellow Shirts

As Thailand's parliamentary elections approach, courting voters has become a creative visual endeavor. But despite a myriad of choices, only two parties will have a real impact on the elections.

Ping-Pong Hell

In Thailand, a misogynistic sex-show industry coerces women to torture themselves. Now the global economic crisis is making matters worse.

Child Sex Boom Fueled by Poverty

BANGKOK, Thailand — Narisaraporn Asipong, a matronly social worker at the "Mercy Center" shelter met 8-year-old Niran (a pseudonym) five years ago in Klong Toey, Bangkok's largest concentration of slum communities.

"His step-father was beating him so he was scared to go home," says Asipong, who has worked with street children for the last seven years. "He came with me to Mercy Center and I enrolled him in school." A year later, Niran returned home because he missed his mother. "One day, I saw him on the streets again," she says. "He looked very skinny and unhealthy."


In this broadcast of Bread and Roses, Gabriele Ross interviews Deena Guzder on Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking, particularly in Thailand.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking in Thailand

Thailand is often called the "Land of Smiles" and considered a tropical paradise full of friendly, spiritual locals eager to share their unique cuisine and pristine beaches. However, Thailand's elaborate culinary feats and sun-washed beachfronts are not the only reason why the country has become the playground of the rich and elite of the world. Conservative estimates suggest that 10% of tourist dollars are spent on the sex trade.