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Lesson Plan May 12, 2016

Reporting and Documenting Your Trip Abroad


Observe and Research:

Answer the following questions after reviewing the video Out of Eden Walk: What Makes a Good Story?

  • How does Paul investigate a place?
  • What tools does Paul use to report?
  • Once you’ve investigated, how do you identify a story to pursue further?

Documenting Your Trip:Answer the following questions after reviewing the video Everyday Africa: A Photographer's Toolkit 

  1. How does Peter explain the following photography tips?
    • Look for something surprising or interesting
    • Experiment with the frame
    • Look for a clear moment
    • Take multiple photos. Keep shooting.
    • Get to know your subject
  2. How do you plan to use the tips above in your photography while you're traveling?


Investigating Your Destination:

  1. Explore the Pulitzer Center projects from your country by doing the following for each project link:
    • Click on the link to read the project description.
    • Write a one-line summary of the project for your reference.
    • Investigate the project further by looking through the photos and captions for each article in the project.
    • If you have time, pick an article/video/slideshow to investigate further.
  2. Be prepared to share at least one interesting fact and photo that you found while exploring the reporting form your country.

At the end of this lesson, send the following to [email protected] with the subject line "Making Global Local:"

  1. Write down the tips you got from Paul and Peter that you will want to use while traveling to observe, research and document your trip.
  2. Make a list of five more questions you have about your country now that you’ve gotten to investigate a little more.
  3. Use the skills you learned from Paul and Peter to identify one interesting fact and photo from DC that you would want to share with the people you meet in your country. Think: What do I want the world to know about my world in DC?

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