Lesson Plan June 7, 2021

Gender Related Issues are Underreported Stories


This unit was created by Maria Solis, a high school ELA teacher at Benito Juarez Academy in Chicago, IL, as part of the Spring 2021 Pulitzer Center Teacher Fellowship program on Journalism and Justice. It is designed for facilitation across approximately five 45-minute class periods.

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Students will be able to…

  • Compare their lived experiences based on gender to the lives of those they read in the texts.
  • Analyze  the way in which writing can be a form of justice when other forms of justice fail.
  • Compose a piece that raises awareness on gender related issues.

Unit Overview:

This 5-day unit is centered around the themes of gender roles, gender related issues, justice, and the power of writing.  In order to dive into these themes the lessons will be centered around essential questions in relation to these themes.

  1. How does culture affect gender roles?
  2. What does justice look like for victims and survivors of gender based violence at a national and global level?
  3. How is justice different for minority communities at a national and global level?
  4. How can writing be used as a form of justice when other forms fail?

Through these questions, students will be able to reflect on their own lived experiences through the lens of gender. This will also allow the students to discuss topics of gender inequity that are experienced globally. Through these lessons and discussions, students will be able to gain a perspective of the disparities that still exist in the world and think of ways in which these disparities can be addressed to create a just world for everyone. Then students willpractice different forms of writing from poetry to informative pieces to spread awareness about a gender related issue.

The unit begins with a lesson in writing, followed by a discussion on underreported stories. Then students will  read an  article on gender violence on the US-Mexico border and analyze Disappearing Daughters, a multimedia project that uses poetry to redefine justice for victims of femicide in Mexico. Finally, students will write poems, social media posts, or craft a presentation on gender-related issues in their own communities, nationally, or globally.

Performance Task

Students will demonstrate how powerful writing can amplify/uplift underrepresented voices by choosing to write a poem, social media post, or craft a presentation that draws attention to a global or local gender related issue. Students can focus their writing  on the general topic of gender related issues or they may select a specific gender issue to address (ex: pay disparity, femicides, gender roles, etc). Students will work in groups to choose a topic and craft their writing piece.

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Three women grouped together: an elderly woman smiling, a transwoman with her arms folded, and a woman holding her headscarf with a baby strapped to her back.


Gender Equality

Gender Equality