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Lesson Plan April 21, 2021

Environment (Re)defined: Exploring the Human Impacts of Climate Change


Warm-up: What do you know about climate change? 

Introducing the Lesson: How climate change is affecting human lives and the way people migrate.

Analyzing the Reporting:

Watch the video “Rising Waters,” and then choose either article 2 or 3 to read and discuss in a group of 3-5. 

  1. Rising Waters: Climate Change Is Speeding Up by Tony Bartelme [video]      
  2. How Climate Migration Will Reshape America by Abraham Lustgarten and Meredith Kohut [audio, images, text]      
  3. Flooding Intensifies Charleston Region’s Racial and Wealth Inequities by Stephen Hobbes and Ricky Ciapha Dennis Jr. [text, images]       

Bonus reporting:

  1. Flood Woman vs. Climate Doom by Tony Bartelme  [comic
  2. Photos: Sinop, Lost Forest, Prosperity, and Monocultures by Heriberto Araújo and Melissa Chan (Spanish) [images]
  3. Chinese Development in the Amazon by Melissa Chan [audio]

Extension Activities:

  1. Comic drawing: After reading and analyzing ead Tony Bartelme’s Flood Woman comic book, create your own comic book or storyboard addressing one of the ways climate change impacts communities.
  2. Think like a photojournalist: take a series of 3-5 photos of your neighborhood and community that tells a story about the climate or environment where you live. For inspiration, you can reference this photo essay about the economic and ecological impact of soy farming in Brazil which also explores this topic through images. 
  3. “Minipod” podcast recording: think about the issues covered in this lesson. Choose one that you think you could explain to your classmates and create a 3-5 minute podcast recording of how you would explain that topic to them. For inspiration, you can reference this piece of audio journalism on Chinese development in the Amazon rainforest which also explores this topic through audio. 


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Bringing Stories Home

Bringing Stories Home
A woman walks along a dock with a boat nearby


Connected Coastlines

Connected Coastlines


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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change