Bringing Stories Home: News from the Northeast

Use the story finder below to explore Pulitzer Center-supported reporting published by local outlets in your region. You can choose a news story based on the state you live in or your interest in the topic it covers. After exploring your chosen story, return to the reflection and discussion questions on this page to reflect on the story, the issues it covers, and the power and purpose of local news.

State Reporting News Outlet Media Issues
Maine New Law Requires Maine Police To Be More Transparent About Misconduct Bangor Daily News Text Criminal Justice
Maine Wells: Sea Rise Is “A Slow-Moving Catastrophe" The Maine Monitor Text Environment and Climate Change 
Massachusetts Boston Police Bought Spy Tech with a Pot of Money Hidden from the Public WBUR News Audio and text Criminal Justice
New Hampshire Indigenous Activists Fight Expansion of Canadian Hydropower Valley News Photo and text Indigenous Communities
Environment and Climate Change 
New Jersey The Long, Slow Drowning of the New Jersey Shore The New York Times Magazine Text Environment and Climate Change 
New York New York City’s Flooding Crisis in the Age of Climate Change Documented Text, photo, and graphics Environment and Climate Change
New York 'SPD: Reckoning and Reform': Episode 1
*Content warning: Images of gun violence and police brutality
WCNY Video Racial Justice
Criminal Justice
Pennsylvania A Crisis of Connectivity: Internet Access in Rural PA WLVR Photo and text Health
Rhode Island East Providence Erosion Project Brings Shoreline To Life ecoRI News Photo and text Environment and Climate Change 
Vermont The Hidden Costs of New England’s Demand for Canadian Hydropower Valley News Photo and text Health
Environment and Climate Change 
Washington D.C. Summer Heat Can Lead to Adverse Health Reactions for Residents Across D.C Hola Cultura Text and map Environment and Climate Change