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Pulitzer Center Update June 1, 2009

Announcing the 2009 Student Reporting Fellows!

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Nestled in a remote northern Honduras valley, Santa Lucia and the surrounding area are home to 20...

Students at Campus Consortium member schools were eligible to apply for reporting fellowships of up to $2,000 each and the opportunity to work with the Pulitzer Center staff on an international reporting project. Listed below are the inaugural winners for 2009 and previews of their projects.

Tracy Boyer, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill: Travel to Honduras to study malnourishment amongst indigenous populations. Travel: June/July '09. Learn more about her project Honduras: Fighting Malnutrition 'Shoulder to Shoulder,' which won the first place Award of Excellence from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Sonali Kudva, Kent State University: Travel to India to investigate water issues. Travel: June '09. Learn more about her project India: Water for all?

Stine Eckert, Ohio University: Travel to Bangladesh to investigate the paradox of women's rights and position in society. Travel: July '09. Learn more about her project: Bangladesh: The (Un)Power of Women

Jordan Wilson, Southern Illinois University Carbondale: An investigation of the displaced Kenyans in the Rift Valley. Travel: November '09. Learn more about his project: From Displacement to Re-Settlement: Kenya and Uganda.

Sara Peach, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill: Travel to Copenhagen and report on the United Nations Climate Change Conference with a focus on youth participation generally and the International Youth Delegation specifically. Travel: December. Learn more about her project: Youth Change the Climate in Copenhagen

Darren D'Altorio, Kent State University: Travel to Ecuador to investigate the consequences of the local farming industry. Travel: October '09

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In September 2007, the government of Maharashtra, India, invited bids from private companies for the...


As U.S. citizens missed their chance to elect a woman for president for the first time in 2008...

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For about 18 months, more than a half of million people from the Ugandan area have been displaced...

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Across the globe, many young adults and children worry about the potentially catastrophic effects of...