Jordan Wilson


For six and a half years, Jordan Wilson reveled in the hustle and bustle world of daily newspapers. It was the byline that first attracted him. Then the awards. Then the internships. Once all that was crossed off his list, he felt there was nothing else to set his sights on. The daily grind wasn't satisfying anymore and the bevy of newspaper buyouts, layoffs and closures didn't muster any optimism in the profession he was once so dedicated to.

But then he realized his reporting could make a difference; and that's where the Pulitzer Center fellowship comes in. Jordan is excited to report on issues of world importance and hopes his work will directly affect people's lives for the better.

Illinois has always been the place he calls home. He was born in the northern tip, completed his undergraduate work in the southern tip, and the central part of the state was where he went to grad school. He has worked at a handful of daily newspapers since his junior year of high school, including the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Chicago Sun-Times.