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Story Publication logo June 26, 2022

Watch: What Does the Truck Driver Shortage in Europe Have To Do With the Philippines?


The Dutch Public Prosecution handed down the decision and ended an investigation into allegations...


An estimated shortage of 400,000 truck drivers is compounding supply chain issues in Europe. Truck drivers transport about 75% of all inland freight across the borders of the European Union. Unscrupulous employers are taking advantage of a transport sector bleeding from this shortage by recruiting truck drivers from as far as the Philippines.

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Filipino migrant truck drivers work under exploitative conditions. They live in their trucks for months at a time, drive excessively long hours, and are paid low wages. European authorities have dismissed various complaints of exploitation, saying “this isn’t slavery.”

How has it come to this? Watch this video explainer.

Writer and narrator: Ana P. Santos
Video footage and images in the Netherlands: Jofelle Tesorio
Graphics and animation: David Castuciano
Creative direction: Emil Mercado
Producer: Jaira Roxas
Supervising producer: Beth Frondoso


Migration and Refugees


Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees




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