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Story Publication logo June 16, 2016

The Travails of Migration to Europe; On a Wing and a Prayer


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The Syrian refugee crisis is changing both refugee communities and their host countries.

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Pulitzer Center grantee Jodi Hilton's photographs are featured in Haseeb Asif's cover story in The Herald (Karachi) about Pakistani refugees in Europe.

"Beginning in April this year, Greece began deporting those asylum seekers to Turkey whose applications were rejected; many of the deportees are Pakistani. Already nearly 400 people have been deported and 190 of them are Pakistanis. Others are from Morocco, Iran, Afghanistan and Bangladesh," writes Asif.

"In violation of the terms of the Geneva Convention, European authorities appear to be judging asylum claims based on nationality, not as individual cases. Pakistanis are generally being categorized as "economic migrants" and not refugees. Simultaneously, Turkey has worked out a readmission agreement with Pakistan in order to deport Pakistanis back to their homeland."

To read the rest of Asif's story, click here.


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Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees
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Gender Equality

Gender Equality

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