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Story Publication logo September 21, 2021

The Police, Your Friend and Murderer


They are supposed to protect, but Argentine police officers often commit femicides. The deaths of...

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To read the full report, originally published in German in Zeit Online Arbeit, click here.

Violence against women is a global problem, but what is striking in Argentina is the high number of femicides committed by members of the security forces. According to current figures, around 13 percent of the murders of women in Argentina are committed by police officers and ex-officers. This project documents two recent cases and takes these examples to analyze structural problems in the police, judiciary and society. The two cases show that many murders could have been prevented — if the institutions functioned faster and better.

Reporting also describes a case that took place 20 years ago and, because it has not been fully solved and penalized, is fueling fears about impunity among the relatives of many of the women who were killed.

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A look at Argentina also shows a strong women's movement that is fighting back against machismo, violence and femicides: The protests by the "Ni una menos" ("not one more") movement began in 2015 after a woman's brutal murder, two years before the #MeToo movement went viral.

Politicians could no longer ignore the demands of the women's movement. In fact, progress has already been achieved; for example, the legalization of abortion and a law that stipulates training on gender topics for all public servants across the country. Institutions have started to include feminists who seek to effect change. However, the number of murders has not declined.


Criminal Justice


Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice
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Gender Equality

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