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Story Publication logo March 31, 2023

Podcast: The Journey of a Carbon Credit

A smoke tower releases gas next to a wind turbine- representing carbon dioxide emissions

Most people want to do good and reduce their own carbon emissions when it comes to the climate...

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Image courtesy of African Business Podcast. 2023.

The journey of a carbon credit from a Kenyan clean cooking project through the global market

Audio courtesy of African Business Podcast. 2023.

In this narrative episode hosted by Angus Chapman and Desné Masie, with interviews with the leading figures in the global carbon market, we track the journey of a carbon credit across the globe. From Kenya to Geneva, Washington DC, London and finally, Yorkshire, we unpack what’s going on under the hood of the carbon trading industry and explore the implications for Africa.

This case study is a way to understand an industry becoming increasingly big business on the continent. Particularly following the launch of the African Carbon Markets Initiative at Cop 27 in November 2022 and the Gabon One Forest Summit in March 2023, many voices are looking to carbon markets to provide an alternative income stream to fund sustainable development.

It is a fractured market, but as we found in our research for this project, participants are trying hard to scale up and, generally, invite scrutiny and regulation. If you have ever wondered how carbon markets really work, or heard promises that they can solve climate change while producing broad-based prosperity in the Global South, listen on.

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Host and executive producer: Dr Desné Masie

Co-host and producer: Angus Chapman

Co-producer: Peter Doerrie

Research: Angus Chapman

Digital Editor: Charles Dietz

Design: Jason Venkatasamy

Music: Corporate Uplifting Chill by MusicLFiles



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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change




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