Óscar Parra


Journalism Fund

Óscar Javier Parra is a journalist with a long career in the Colombian press. He works as a reporter and specializes in data journalism, designing multimedia reports and programming database tools with journalistic content.

Parra is the director of Rutas del Conflicto, a winning project of the Data Journalism Award 2017 in the "website of the year" category. 

He is also a systems engineer at the National University of Colombia, with a specialization in journalism at the University of the Andes and a master's degree in journalism from the Spanish newspaper El Mundo. He is also a professor at the Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá.

Parra has 14 years of experience in digital media in portals related to political and human rights issues such as Semana.com, Votebien.com, and VerdadAbierta.com. 

A man with eyeglasses and wears a blue-striped shirt.