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Story Publication logo May 19, 2014

Japan's Disposable Workers


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Shiho Fukada documents the lives of disposable workers in Japan in stories that illustrate the...

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Photojournalist Shiho Fukada documents the lives of workers who have suffered through the transformation of an economic system that once guaranteed lifetime employment, but now discards unwanted labor. This three-part documentary, produced by MediaStorm in collaboration with the Pulitzer Center, is available for licensing or embedding.

Overworked to Suicide
After the recession of the 1990s, Japan's white collar salarymen increasingly must work arduous hours for fear of losing their jobs. This often leads to depression and suicide.

Net Cafe Refugees
Internet cafes have existed in Japan for over a decade, but in the mid 2000's, customers began using these spaces as living quarters. Internet cafe refugees are mostly temporary employees, their salary too low to rent their own apartments.

Dumping Ground
Kamagasaki, Osaka, Japan used to be a thriving day laborer's town. Today, it is home to approximately 25,000 unemployed and elderly men, many of whom are also homeless.

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Labor Rights

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