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Story Publication logo October 29, 2018

Ismail Einashe Discusses The Valley of Death on BBC 'Newsday'


Map of Djibouti. Image by Shutterstock.

Africa has become the new locus of great power conflict in the 21st century. But this new proxy...

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Image courtesy of BBC World Service - Newsday.
Image courtesy of BBC World Service - Newsday.

Ismail Einache talks to BBC Newsday on his Pulitzer Center-supported project Proxy War in the Horn of Africa

In his interview, he discusses the forgotten genocide in Somaliland and why this is now just coming to light.

Ismail Einashe is a journalist based in London. His reporting has been published in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Atlantic, Prospect, NPR, The Nation and Index on Censorship, among other places.


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