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Story Publication logo August 29, 2022

‘I Count Myself as a Black Ukrainian’: the Fashion Designer Starting Again in Budapest — Video

A Black man sits, his reflection appearing in the glass wall.

Eno Enyieokpon is a Nigerian-born, Black fashion designer who has lived in Kyiv for years.

Video courtesy of The Guardian.

"Welcome to the refugee lifestyle," says Eno Enyieokpon, who is re-establishing his fashion brand, Enno, in Budapest after leaving everything behind in Kyiv, Ukraine. Identifying as a Black Ukrainian, Eno says most of the ideas that have changed his life as a designer came from tough times in Ukraine.

As he waits to bring his machines from Kyiv, and works on new shows while navigating the unfamiliar Hungarian system, he is optimistic about the future, telling other Ukrainian refugees: "If we had the will to withstand the Russians we also have the willpower to move and forge ahead in life."

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