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Story Publication logo February 1, 2023

Finding the Cold on a Warming Planet — Balmy Winter Sports, Chilly Supermarkets and Ancient Ice Cores

Image by Christian Elliott

An unprecedented search for Earth's oldest ice is underway in Antarctica. The bubbles frozen inside...


Ice cores drilled from glaciers around the world await processing at the Marine and Geology Repository's long-term storage freezer in Corvallis, Oregon. Image by Christian Elliott. United States, 2022.

A recent episode of Deutsche Welle's Living Planet podcast features reporting by 2022 Climate Science Fellow Christian Elliott. In the segment, Elliott details the quest of polar scientists to find the earth's oldest ice cores. "Going back in time is a very important component of understanding the future," paleoclimatologist Ed Brook tells Elliott in the episode.

Visit this link to listen to the audio story.


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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change


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Connected Coastlines

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