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Story Publication logo September 2, 2021

Could Finland’s Open Prisons Model Work In Chicago?


Open prison in Finland

A look at the penal system in Finland and how it treats people in prisons — much different than the...

Photo of an open prison in Finland
Ojoinen Unit of Vanaja Prison, an open prison for men in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Image by Natalie Moore/WBEZ. 2021.

WBEZ race, class and communities reporter Natalie Moore is in Finland for a two-and-a-half-week reporting trip to explore the country’s open prison system. Reset checks in with Moore to hear how the trip’s going, and what she’s learned so far.

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Moore’s reporting from Finland was made possible by a grant from the Richard C. Longworth Media Fellowship Program, funded by the Clinton Family Foundation and supported by the Pulitzer Center and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.


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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice


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