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The Complexities of the Dilemma on Ukraine Aid and How the Nation Responds (Chinese)


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The team explores the road to recovery for war-crime survivors fleeing Russian-occupied areas.

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This story excerpt was translated from Chinese. To read the original story in full, visit The Initium.

Olena (pseudonym) displays the trauma first aid kits, including tourniquets and wound bandages, sent to the front line in the supply area for frontline soldiers in the warehouse. Image by Jeremy Chan. Ukraine, 2022.

While aid from the West may help, it hasn’t relieved Volodymyr Zelenskyy of the dire predicaments he needs to deal with in the coming weeks, if not months. According to the interviews and reports we collected for this article, the momentum of further commitments to Ukraine has slowed down, and the gap between pledged and delivered support is concerning.

We visited a large warehouse in western Ukraine, and the volunteers there told us that the aid they received in May has dropped 10 times from what they got in the first month. Medicine, cars, and weapons are the most needed supplies. We also talked to Yegor Chernev, a member of parliament who has conducted a probe into Ukraine’s weapons delivery. He reiterated that monitoring arms transfers to Ukraine is important to build trust with the country’s allies and to ensure continuous support from them during the war.

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Yasser Kamaledin, MSF's Lviv-based medical train project leader, in an interview at his office in Ukraine. Image by Ying-Yu (Alicia) Chen. Ukraine, 2022.

A volunteer sorts supplies in a warehouse run by volunteers in western Ukraine. This warehouse was one of the important logistic nodes during the Ukrainian war. Image by Jeremy Chan. Ukraine, 2022.


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