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Coca, Si! Cocaina, No!


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For the past two years, Bolivian President Evo Morales has shifted drug policy in Bolivia toward a...

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Aired on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Dispatches on April 14, 2008

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Ruxandra's piece starts approximately 15:30 minutes in.

From CBC's Dispatches site:

The government of Bolivia would like it understood that it is NOT in the cocaine business. It's in the COCA business. Big difference. Bolivia encourages farmers to grow the plant that produces cocaine, providing they turn it into something else.

"Coca, Si! Cocaina, No!"

For all that though, the Americans claim it still churns out a hundred tons of Bolivian Marching Powder every year, and maybe some of those farmers aren't so fussy about whom they sell to.

Dispatches' contributor Ruxandra Gudi went deep into coca country, to see for herself.

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Drug Crises

Drug Crises
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