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Story Publication logo May 15, 2016

China: The Damned of Development


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Living beneath Beijing's skyscrapers and residential blocks are an estimated 1 million migrant...

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Laing Hongqin, 38, and Li Xiaoxue, 18, are both from Hebei province. They work as vendors in a department store in the capital. Image by Sim Chi Yin / VII. China, 2015.

Pulitzer Center grantee Sim Chi Yin's images are featured, alongside an article by Patrick Saint-Paul, in the May 6 edition of Le Figaro.

Saint-Paul is the author of "Le Peuple des Rats" ("The Rat People," Grasset, €20), which also features Sim's photograph on the cover.

Excerpt translated from theFrench:
Actors of the Chinese economic miracle, they left their country for a better life in Beijing. Taking up odd jobs where they find them, they are more than a million to live in unhealthy basements of the capital, no water, no windows and no heating...Saint- Paul, the BBC's China correspondent, tells of this forbidden world, hidden by the regime.

Read the full story in French in Le Figaro (paywall protected).


Migration and Refugees


Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees

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