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Story Publication logo March 4, 2021

AK Natives on the Front Line: Higher Education

Anagi Crew hunts a 30-foot male bowhead whale on the Bering Sea in an umiaq, a small sealskin boat that is prized for its light weight, stealthy movement and respect for tradition. Image by Yves Brower. United States, undated.

Reporters explore Alaska Native resilience and cultural adaptation in the Arctic-termed ground zero...

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This episode features Iñupiaq studies professor Jerica Niayuq Aamodt and Iñupiaq studies coordinator Katie Qaggun Roseberry from Iḷisaġvik College. "Iḷisaġvik" translates to "a place to learn." Operated by the North Slope Borough, it is the only tribal college in Alaska and is the northernmost accredited community college in the United States. "AK Natives on the Front Line" is a special series of Coffee & Quaq highlighting the adaptability and resilience of the Iñupiat in the face of climate change, done in partnership with journalist Jenna Kunze. We travelled up to Utqiaġvik at the peak of winter when the sun had just returned back to the Arctic and interviewed residents about the various aspects of how Iñupiat life has changed, but also how it has remained the same.


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Indigenous Rights

Indigenous Rights


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Connected Coastlines

Connected Coastlines

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