Eastern Europe

Romania: Beekeeper Refuses to Leave His Hives

Remus Cenusa is one of the last 40 residents in a Romanian village who is refusing a resettlement offer from Rosia Montana Gold Corporation. The beekeeper wants to remain under the buzz of his bees.

Belarus in the Time of Lukashenko

In Belarus, city streets are filled with fear and resignation despite the recent wave of pro-democracy protests. Across the countryside, Soviet-style agricultural and industrial systems are not the source stability they once were. Poverty and joblessness are on the rise. A gloom hangs over Europe’s last dictatorship.

Searching for Banksy in Belarus

Belarussian artists and intellectuals have found a place in Minsk where they can express themselves, but still feel they are being monitored closely by the KGB.

In Belarus, Clapping Can Be Subversive

As the rallies in Belarus grow each week, the government has begun to crack down. But protesters are not deterred and have started making homemade DVDs of police brutalities.

Home and Away

Despite President Lukashenka’s threats to put an end to the demonstrations occurring in Belarus, young activists are expanding the pro democracy movement on social networking sites.