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Pulitzer Center Update March 18, 2022

Students Gain Insight Into Ukraine Through Virtual Journalist Visit

A person holds a gun and sits in the middle of a dark room, looking toward a small window.

Students analyze reporting on conflict and Russian intervention in Ukraine over the past several years to gain context for the current crisis.

March 2, 2022
Photo of virtual visit

St. Louis CBS affiliate KMOV aired a story on March 16 about a virtual visit by Pulitzer Center grantee Misha Friedman to a geography class at Collinsville High School, in Illinois, to discuss the war in Ukraine. The visit was arranged by Barbara Lindauer, a Pulitzer Center 2021-2022 Teacher Fellow, who was first connected to the Center more than a decade ago through our education partner Civitas-STL, a youth civic engagement nonprofit founded and led by Arthur Lieber.

“Hearing from [Misha Friedman] today makes me realize that journalism is something that’s really important and sometimes people don’t really understand how important it is to get in there and tell those stories, so it’s something I could see myself doing in the future,” says high school senior Emma Clark in the segment.

Click here for a lesson plan on contextualizing the crisis in Ukraine, here to request a virtual visit, and here to learn more about our Teacher Fellowship program.


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War and Conflict