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Project January 14, 2021

U.S. Troop and Weapon Withdrawal From Afghanistan



After nearly two decades in Afghanistan, the U.S. now prepares to significantly reduce its military presence in the region.  With an administration change and the deadline for withdrawal as stated in the U.S.-Taliban deal fast approaching, journalist Aishwarya Airy investigates how the military retrogrades equipment from the region and tracks what they leave behind with the Afghan forces. She reports on end-use monitoring of U.S. weapons, the cost-benefit analysis of getting equipment out, the impact of the peace negotiations in Afghanistan, and a growing Taliban presence.

With the eleventh hour approaching, an increasing amount of information about the withdrawal is being classified. With little clarity on the exact number of troops or equipment pieces in the region, asking questions about a responsible withdrawal is more important than ever.


Conflict and Peace Building


Conflict and Peace Building

Conflict and Peace Building