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Project November 17, 2023

Unmasking Climate Change Misinformation in Argentina



Latin America and the Caribbean is one of the world's regions most affected by climate change and external meteorological phenomena that are causing serious damage to health, life, food, water, energy, and the socio-economic development of the region.

Misinformation and disinformation about climate change are significant threats to climate action. They generate a distorted perception of climate science and solutions.

With the support of the Pulitzer Center, Chequeado—the first fact-checking organization in Latin America and the Global South—conducted exploratory research to identify the most prevalent climate change false and misleading narratives circulating in Argentina, to describe their characteristics and patterns, and to analyze who the main actors behind them are and what strategies they use to disseminate this content.

Now, Chequeado is publishing a series of articles to debunk false narratives about climate change with data and information based on scientific evidence and describes to our audience who are the actors behind them and which are the strategies used to disinform, so they're better prepared to recognize and fight it.


A yellow elephant


Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change