Misinformation and Disinformation

Fueled by social media and a historic break in trust of media and other institutions, the spread of lies, mistruths, and disinformation continues to undermine civil discourse, cause political paralysis, and spark attacks on democratic institutions.

Around the world, Pulitzer Center grantees are reporting on misinformation related to science, climate change, elections, health issues, and fossil fuels. We believe the best way to counter this problem is by supporting innovative, thoughtful, fact-based journalism, which has the potential to educate society and build trust through audience-centered engagement strategies.

Misinformation clouds and impedes progress on vital issues such as global warming, science and health innovation, and at times even puts lives at risk. Whether it's Alaskan citizens ignoring Tsunami warnings, swirling falsehoods around climate change in Argentina, or the oversimplification of scientific knowledge to fit political values, our grantees are helping reveal its origins, the reasons why misinformation spreads and how it might be countered or mitigated.