The Silent War

With democracies around the world under siege by a wave of anti-establishment populism, Xi Jinping's "China Model" is being promoted as a viable alternative. As U.S.-China tensions escalate, Taiwan finds itself on the geopolitical fault line of this clash. 

Amber Lin, the Pulitzer Center’s 2019-2020 Persephone Miel fellow, looks at the impact of China  on Taiwan's society, exploring how China tries to draw Taiwan’s capital and talents to the ‘Chinese Dream’—and how Taiwan’s democracy has responded.  

Will Kinmen, Taiwan’s Frontline, Become the Next Crimea?

Kinmen, the closest island territory of Taiwan to China and once a part of the international anti-communism battlefront, has today become part of China’s “Unification” plan for Taiwan. While ‘One Country, two Systems’ is facing an unprecedented challenge in Hong Kong, the propaganda for Taiwan continues. Meanwhile, a referendum on a ‘One Country, two Systems Experimental Zone’ has been quietly unfolding on Kinmen.