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Project August 23, 2023

The Road to Casablanca: A Spotlight on the Inter-African Migration Toward Morocco


The influx of Sub-Saharan migrants into Morocco has sharply risen over the past two decades. In a context of changing immigration policies and driven by personal aspirations, more and more Senegalese are staying in the Maghreb country, where they form communities, raise families, and seek integration with the local Moroccan population.

Drawing from the stories of the Senegalese who have come to Morocco for seasonal or permanent jobs, this project aims to explore various stages of their experience as migrants: from their journey to their daily lives, through to the barriers they face in integrating. Additionally, through the lens of intra-African migration, the project aims to document Morocco’s multifaceted role: a prominent actor in the dialogue with Europe, a gatekeeper of the Eastern Mediterranean, but also a regional power and a reliable partner for West African countries.

The project’s outcome will be a cross-media production, including written articles, photographic reports, and radio broadcasts. The project’s team aims to publish these in different languages, including Italian, English, and French. Finally, as the members of the team embark on a land journey from Dakar to Tangier, a music video for the upcoming single by Italian-Senegalese artist F.U.L.A. will be produced, alongside with a backstage podcast.


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Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees