In India, same-sex sexual activity is no longer criminal, but the culture remains deeply homophobic and transphobic. Landlords systemically discriminate in renting apartments to trans people. Sexual violence against gay men is rampant but rarely gets reported to the police because the survivors feel ashamed to reveal their identity.

Despite living with disproportionately high mental health issues, queer people struggle to get help because the health systems are not trained to support them. Older queer people feel so lonely that they often go back into the closet to live “normal” lives.

The four stories in this project will advance public conversation about the LGBTQ+ community in India—especially small towns in India. Four queer journalists will collaborate with three newsrooms—BehanBox, Khabar Lahariya, and FiftyTwo—to publish these stories.

About 17% of India’s population belongs to the LGBTQ+ community, but its members are unable to live dignified lives because of society’s mindset toward them.



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LGBTQ+ Rights

LGBTQ+ Rights