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Project December 6, 2023

Black Education Beyond U.S. Borders


The Black Curriculum is an organization in the U.K. committed to addressing the lack of Black British history in the country’s curriculum. Image courtesy of The Black Curriculum. United Kingdom.

In 2020, an article in The Guardian revealed that the U.K.'s education system failed to protect and unify Black students—similar to the U.S.' education system.

Pulitzer Center Reporting Fellow Jermaine Ervin Jr. investigated these claims in the U.K., visiting London to understand the effects of the U.K.’s education system on its Black citizens. For this project, Ervin discovered the absence of Black British culture in classrooms. A lack of Black educators, he found, is impacting young students and their cultural awareness.

To understand this issue, Ervin reached out to The Black Curriculum, a social enterprise in London. He spoke with activists and parents who are concerned about the state of Black British education.

Ervin also took part in film community activities, social hangouts, and conversations with activists about ways in which Black British communities are trying to create a name for themselves as educators, artists, politicians, and other professions.


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Racial Justice

Racial Justice