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Project April 8, 2024

'Asylum': The Dangers Journalists Face in South Sudan



Develop Audio produces investigative podcasts and trains journalists to create quality audio. Through its innovative training program, the organization has developed a four-part podcast series about South Sudanese journalist Opoka p'Arop Otto, former editor of the Juba Monitor.

The series will expose the atrocities journalists are facing in South Sudan. Opoka will co-produce and host the podcast under the mentorship of Alibi’s founder, Paul McNally. It will be produced in English and in Juba Arabic (as a podcast and for a local radio station).

Fearing for his life, Opoka was forced into exile. He is now living in the Netherlands, where he cleans office buildings by day and helps other South Sudanese journalists by night. He helps his former colleagues choose between navigating their own exile or continuing to work as journalists to expose corruption and wrongdoing, despite the ongoing threats to their lives.