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Podcast: 'Asylum'


A journalist exposes atrocities ex-colleagues face in his homeland.

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Investigative journalist Opoka p'Arop Otto has asylum in the Netherlands after being forced to flee his country of South Sudan. Because of his reporting, he was in danger of being killed there. He is now rebuilding his life in Europe, forced to work as a cleaner in order to make money for his family ... and yet he is still helping other journalists back in South Sudan as they fight to survive.

Asylum is a limited podcast series that investigates the state of journalism in South Sudan. Opoka tells his story and uncovers the torture, poisoning, and atrocities that journalists are facing in his country on a daily basis.

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Ep 1: Poisoned by the state

South Sudan investigative journalist Opoka p'Arop Otto has asylum and is rebuilding his life in the Netherlands. He is also helping other journalists back in South Sudan as they fight to survive.

Ep 2: Detained for eight days and beaten for being a journalist

In this episode Opoka talks to South Sudanese journalist Diing Magot about her tragic experience of being arrested and detained for eight days, shaved and beaten for simply being a journalist.



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