Tim McGirk


Tim McGirk is a former bureau chief and war correspondent for Time magazine, who has covered the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the hunt for al-Qaeda. He also worked as a foreign correspondent in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and Latin America for Time and prior to that for the British daily The Independent. Tim was the recipient of the Henry Luce Award for Reporting and, in the U.K., the Foreign Press Association's 2006 Print Story of the Year award for his investigation into the killing of 24 Iraqi civilians by U.S. marines at Haditha, Iraq, and the U.S. military's subsequent cover-up. He currently lectures at UC Berkeley and is managing editor of the Investigative Reporting Program at the Graduate Journalism School. His stories have also appeared in The Believer, National Geographic magazine, Esquire, and many other publications.

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