Tatiana Dias


Tatiana Dias is the general editor at Intercept Brasil. Mainly covering technology, human rights, lobbying, and politics—and the intersection of these areas—she has worked at Istoé, Estadão, Galileu, HuffPost, and Nexo. Dias has more than 16 years of experience in journalism.

At Intercept, she has worked in some of the most impactful stories of recent years. She was a finalist for the Gabo Prize in 2023, for the coverage of the shocking case of an 11-year-old rape survivor who had her abortion denied by a judge in Brazil.

In 2020, she won the 36th Human Rights Journalism Award and was nominated for the One Media Award, for her story about former Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro's plan to occupy the Amazon.

Also at Intercept, she led many journalism projects with other organizations and newsrooms, such as the rise of techno authoritarianism, how surveillance technologies emerged during Bolsonaro's government, techno investigations, human rights violations in tech, and the businesses of facial recognition companies in Brazil.

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