Rae Bichell


As a regional reporter with the Mountain West News Bureau, Rae Bichell covers stories from northern Colorado that matter to people across the states that touch the Rocky Mountains, with a focus on science and health.

Before coming to Colorado, she reported from Washington, D.C., and Helsinki, Finland. As a national science reporter with NPR, Bichell covered general science and biomedical research. In the spirit of bringing humanity and humor to sometimes dry topics, she once managed to dig up a recording of NASA astronauts lamenting the presence of biohazards floating through their shuttle.

Bichell spent some time in Finland as a freelance journalist and Fulbright grantee before returning to the U.S. as a 2013 NPR Kroc fellow. She was part of a reporting team that won NPR a Peabody Award for Ebola virus coverage.

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